About us

The core ofthe founders was some persons with significant experiences who – led by the intention of improvement, having got familiar with this ideas at atraining course – decided to take the control of their own lifes and also to try to improve the situation of other seriously disabled people. They had two objectives: first they aimed to address society as a whole in order to change negative attitude towards the disabled, to surmount the mental and physical obstacles, e.g. on the streets, in the public buildings and at the. transport systems, etc.; and secondly to address the disabled themselves in order to change their attitude positively towards living a full life within the society.

Today we have more than 40 members who are mainly wheelchair users, but we do not intend to grow into a mass organization. We want to associate with people who share our philosophy and are ready to plunge into a voluntary activity to help theirpeers. Many of us are breadwinners, live on their own, some ofus live in group homes and others at the National Institute ofthe Disabled where they also try to live independently. Some of us have families, some have degrees.

Our main activities, about which you will find more on the next pages:
– awareness raising presentations at schools
– ferryman’ s services offered at rehabilitation institutes
– peer counseling
– spreading the Independent Living philosophy across the country
– fighting for accessibility in Budapest
Board-members: Ms. Magdolna Jelli, Ms. Barabás Mária, Mr. László Kató, Mr. Zsolt Szitár, Ms. Krisztina Dóra, Ms. Gyöngyi Dani, Ms. Monika Hevesi, Ms. Klára Erdélyi, Ms. Erzsébet Renner, Mrs. Tibor Udvari, Mr. István Czibóka, Mr. Csaba Béni, Mr. Ferenc Gyug

Supporting members: Mrs. Margit Bekő, Mrs. Éva Caesar, Mrs. Katalin Rácz, Mrs. Gabriella Mészáros, Mr. Rudolf Rimóczi, Mr. Árpád Somogyi.